In 1998 Cynthia, as an administrative assistant in the UW Dean of Engineering’s office, was encouraged to take an HTML class at the UW. She found magic and color and personal expression in the code. It satisfied both sides of herself, the geek and the artist. It changed her life.

Cynthia’s nickname at Sesame was The Launch Machine and she is a power house. She understands project management from the small spark of design inspiration to post launch fine tuning. She works well with designers, programmers, clients, managers, and loves it all. She lives for the Ah Ha Moment and the truly grateful client. Her online testimonials make that clear. She holds the record for the most number of launches in a month for 6 months in a row and has always exceeded KPI. As team leader on Sesame’s first mobile offerings, she managed and directed programmers, beta testers, and designers, jumping in and climbing steep learning curves (she didn’t even own a smart phone at the time of the assignment) and achieved it with resounding success. Cynthia really understands the technologies involved and every chance she gets she jumps into a project to get her hands dirty and stay current.

Her software proficiencies include Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, Microsoft Office, HTML/CSS/PHP, CMS systems of all kinds mostly home grown, and Salesforce. Her people skills are well above average. Cynthia is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and she can soothe almost any storm.

In addition to her technological skills Cynthia brings excellent administrative skills from several years at the UW in a variety of positions.

Outside the office Cynthia is an accomplished artist and just can’t stop wood burning, drawing, and stitching. A PNW native, she loves the mountains, travel, is an avid reader, and animal lover.

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